Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Welcome bees! November 23, 2012

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Eating: broad beans

Picking: sweet peas (feral ones, all lilac in colour but with a lovely scent)

Weeding: not enough. It’s got totally out of control.

Procrastinating: I’m so far behind. Everything is just an awful mess right now. I barely know where to start.

Spotting: a REAL BEE. I’m so excited! I’ve lived here since 2006 and I have never seen a bee in my garden. It isn’t that I haven’t looked. I spend hours in the garden looking at the creepy crawlies. I’ve seen hundreds of the flies that pretend to be bees and every time when I look closely they have little fly antennae and not bee antennae. But this one…. yes that really is a real bee.

I know there are some beekeepers that live in Khandallah, but they are a fair hike away and their bees obviously didn’t get as far as me. But either there are some newer, closer beekeepers, or their bees finally figured out that I have a garden full of lovely bee flowers all year round just waiting for them to find me.

Welcome bees!