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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Sprung! October 8, 2012

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OK, it’s definitely spring now. I spend a great weekend in the garden – I had a load of compost delivered and was finally able to start planting the ornamental area down the side of my house. It’s not really a good environment for edibles, so I’m focusing on ornamentals, especially interesting and scented ones.

Sowing (in pots): celery, dwarf beans (3 varieties), romanesco broccoli

Germinating: carrots, including the white carrot that I saved seed from last summer. It was a good carrot, growing big without getting tough, from Koanga, but germination was poor. But the saved seed looks very successful. The only one where germination looks possibly dodgy was the purple carrot which was about 3 years after its expiry date.

Anticipating: broad beans. “Dwarf early green” has some pods.

Flowering: I’ve still got weird and wonderful daffodils.

Eating: the last of my yams (made a yam curry – as authentic as Tandoori chicken pizza since oca is Andean and I made a south Indian-style curry. But tasted good – the sour oca tasted great with the coconut milk). Silverbeet. Lettuce, miner’s lettuce, and broccoli and calendula flowers.

Apologising: I should really put some pictures up. I’ve been so lazy lately.

And from last weekend…

Pruning: my Cape gooseberry. It spends the winter protecting my little lemon from frost, then gets a good prune come spring.

Planting: Italian honeysuckle (yes a non-invasive one), 3 native clematis cultivars, a Podophyllum, daphne, Viburnum x burkwoodii, 3 dark red Heuchera, 2 different forms of Metrosideros carminea (the shrubby version and the climber), several rengarenga lilies (with more to go) and two hellebores. I’ve probably forgotten something, and there’s still a bit more to plant.



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