Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Daylight savings October 1, 2012

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On the one hand, I don’t like getting up an hour earlier. On the other, I can do gardening after work – yay!

Sowing: zucchini, spaghetti squash, hybrid spaghetti squash, cucumber, basil, various tomato varieties. All in posts in my mini-greenhouse.

Also sowing: parsnip (last weekend), carrots, radish, beetroot (the week before).

Germinating: radish only so far.

Wondering: if many of my seeds will germinate. I notice a lot of my seed packets have past their best before dates. Worth a try, should still be time to get more of some if they don’t come up.

And an update from the weekend…

Tying: my pear espaliers and my Candace grape.

Pruning: a bit of belated pruning on my pear espaliers and my apples.

Blossoming: both pears. I’ve cut every blossom off Buerre Bosc, it’s far too small to be allowed to fruit. But Doyenne du Comice is a couple of years older and much bigger, and successfully produced a fruit last year. So I can let that have a few more fruit this year.

Breaking: my Blush Babe is the most advanced, but all the apples apart from Adore are now at budbreak. Adore is in the coldest spot and is the latest season apple. Blush Babe is planted about 30 cm in front (i.e. to the north) of my big black compost bins. So it’s probably got just a bit of a microclimate.

Setting: my gooseberry is already setting fruit.

Fruiting: my northern highbush blueberries are actually fruiting. I’ve eaten two fruit. Just amazingly delicious.

Weeding: a big job right now. The vegetable and berry gardens are ok (although far from perfect), but the area on the bank is quite out of control. I’m working on it, but it’s slow.


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