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Day 4 below the line September 27, 2012

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So this was my birthday below the line. One of the more unusual birthdays I’ve ever had, although the trip in the Mauritian police helicopter in 2002 remains hard to top…

Breakfast: budget instant coffee and porridge with dates. You know, I actually like porridge with dates, even after 4 days. It really doesn’t need sugar.

Morning tea: same as the previous 2 days…only watching everyone else eat muffins and fruit.

Lunch: cold “risotto”. I had the same “rice with tomatoes” dish. But today of all days I was at a workshop. We ate at the hotel restaurant, which meant I was sitting at a table with everyone eating from the buffet, and I had my rice. Now for the rest of the week I have enjoyed the highly unrealistic luxury of heating my rice dishes in the office microwave. Since I wasn’t at the office, I didn’t have the microwave. I have to say that it tasted a lot better hot.

Afternoon tea: a few more crackers.

Dinner: this was my below the line birthday party. I pooled resources with 3 friends doing the challenge and we had a lovely meal.

Course 1: my homemade crackers and Barbara’s pea “guacamole”.

Course 2: a piece of Mona’s semolina cake. And a cup of tea with milk (powdered).

Course 3: Kim’s dal, Kim’s fried rice, Barbara’s “risotto-ish”.

Course 4: Mauritian greens, yams from my garden with ginger and a bit of honey from Mona’s budget and Mona’s paratha with my remaining flour.

Course 5: a date each and another cup of tea.

It wasn’t quite as excessive as it sounds. Each portion was rather small. We basically provided what we would have had for dinner. But it was really good and a lovely way to celebrate a birthday.


2 Responses to “Day 4 below the line”

  1. Tracy_Reader Says:

    It reminds me of when I’d been tramping, and on the 5th day we arrived at a hut with a sink! No running water, but simply being able to use a sink, rather than washing dishes in the same billy we’d cooked dinner in, was a wonderful luxury.

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    Amazing how a bit of deprivation really focuses the mind! I really appreciate the way that this week has made me enjoy my simple pleasures again.

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