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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Day 1 below the line September 23, 2012

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Breakfast: one cup of budget instant coffee. Rolled oats with powdered skim milk and 2 chopped dates. I decided to leave sugar out of my budget, since I’d only want it on the porridge, and a bit of dried fruit does just as well.

Morning tea: “tea” made from a self-sown plant of lemon balm from my garden, some miner’s lettuce.

Lunch: dal and rice (which I made last night).

Afternoon tea: another lemon balm tea and one rather pathetic carrot from the garden.

Dinner: 3 chapati and Mauritian greens

The Mauritian greens are something I cook occasionally. I used one of the last of the leeks from the garden (well past their best), a good amount of silverbeet, parsley and thyme. I also used a bit of butter, a bit of ginger and coriander seed, a couple of curry leaves, a couple of spoonfuls from my tin of tomatoes and salt.


One Response to “Day 1 below the line”

  1. Diana Says:

    I might try the date thing with my porridge tommorrow. have discovered a couple of things. Caffiene need to go for bulk, had another headache today – if too much of an issue will buy caffiene pills as a medicine. Wasted around 30 cents having a coffee sachet for breakfast instead of an instant one. Never mind I was not in a cooking mood and couldn’t face porridge first thing. By lunch i was hungry and it was a lot more tempting. I was eying up my pasta while it was cooking swapped a bit of taste for bulk. Pity that even on special wholemeal spaghetti is twice the price of white. I suspect that living on this type of diet would totally bung you up unless you grew your own veges and fruit

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