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Below the line budget help September 17, 2012

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I’ve been putting together some information to work out my budget for the live below the line challenge. It might be useful to others.

Weighing:one cup of…

  • quick-cooking rolled oats = 105g
  • milk powder = 110g
  • flour = 155g
  • masoor dal (red lentils) = 180g
  • rice = 190g
  • sugar = 220g

Costing: I’ve gone to a fairly average supermarket and one of the Indian shops to get some costs. These are approximate but will help to give an idea.

Bulk goods from the Indian shop:

  • whole wheat flour = $2 per kg
  • milk powder = $5.49 per kg (this was on special, regular price $8)
  • various forms of dal and chickpea = $3.99-$4.80 per kg
  • basmati rice = $3 per kg (I’m sure there was cheaper rice than this but I forgot to write it down)
  • dates = $4.90 per kg (these are consistently the cheapest dried fruit)

Also, for interest, jowar flour was half the price of wheat. This is sorghum or millet flour. It’s eaten far more widely than wheat flour by the less wealthy in Asia and Africa. I’m tempted to include some in my budget and try cooking with it. Apparently it’s not easy to work with, but it’s high in protein and it would be an interesting insight to try it.

Prices from the supermarket

  • loose potatoes $1.68 per kg, but a 10 kg sack was $4.99, so really cheap in bulk
  • onions $1.68 per kg
  • carrots 1.79 per kg
  • cabbage $1.99 each
  • pumpkin $3.98 each
  • butter (cheapest) $3.69 per pack (there was a special for $3.29 though)
  • oil (cheapest 500 ml bottle) $1.98 (40 cents per 100ml)
  • oil (cheapest 2 l bottle) $6.97 (35 cents per 100 ml)
  • cheapest white flour $1.72 per 1.5kg bag
  • cheapest wholemeal flour $2.17 1.5 kg bag
  • cheapest rice $2.16 for 2 kg bag
  • cheapest pasta 85 cents for a 500g pack
  • cheapest instant noodles $1.48 for 5 packets
  • cheapest tinned tomatoes 86 cents for an average can and $1.59 for a big can
  • cheapest corn (creamed or kernel) 99 cents per can
  • cheapest iodised table salt was 2 cents per 10g. I’m not buying a whole separate pack of that
  • cheapest sugar $3.15 for a 1.5 kg bag

One Response to “Below the line budget help”

  1. Diana Says:

    Wellington is significantly cheaper than here – for heaps of things

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