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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Summer…sort of January 28, 2012

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Planting: leek seedlings (last week), Berlicum carrot and Choigga beetroot seeds (today). I read somewhere that it is a good idea to plant a punnet of seedlings every week through summer to keep you in veges through the autumn and winter, so I’m having a go at that approach.

Eating: zucchini, potatoes, beans, zucchini, tomatoes (so far just one or two cherry tomatoes), carrots, celery, lettuce, zucchini, raspberries (summer crop is nearly over), strawberries, Cape gooseberries, zucchini, zucchini and then for a change zucchini. Lucky I like zucchinis.

Enjoying: my Dalmatian beans. I’ve got quite a few this year, they seem to be doing well. I’m not cooking them, just eating them raw straight from the garden. It seems a shame to cook them and lose the pretty purple spots.

Wondering: what happened to my spaghetti squash? I saved seed, and mostly got short, stubby zucchini. Still, they are really nice-tastings ones. Clearly, spaghetti squash cross with zucchini.

Anticipating: apples. There are about 20  hanging off the trees in my miniature orchard. Unfortunately with every northwest gale, another one or two blow off the trees. So it is a race between them ripening and being blown off the trees. I tasted my first bought apples this season from the farmer’s market, and was reminded just how good fresh apples are. I can’t wait for my own!


Oh, in case this post doesn’t fully convey the abundance of zucchini I have right now, here’s a picture of a zucchini (it’s a small Zephyr, probably my favourite variety).


And here is the reason for the abundance. I planted a row (and got some bonus plants from what I thought were spaghetti squash). I realise normal people plant one or two plants, and a row of zucchini is probably excessive, but I like them. And I like having spare to share.

And here’s the whole garden, with the row of zucchini towards the back. This was taken in December. Everything’s just grown bigger and lusher since then, as we have a had a good downpour at least once a week. Not a great summer, but at least I haven’t needed to water anything.