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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Cheeseburgers! November 5, 2011

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Here are the crazy cheeseburgers I made today.

I think maybe I’ve been watching too much Heston Blumenthal…

Planting (last week): potatoes (unknown, Agria, Cliff’s Kidney, not sure but maybe Jersey Benne), oca, red onions, radish seeds (which I forgot to water so don’t expect to see them germinate). Also transplanted some chard.

Preparing: the zucchini bed.

Planting (yesterday): zucchini (Zephyr x3, green x2, yellow x1),  yellow cucumbers, under a cloche in one of my beds. I bought the green and yellow zucchini seedlings, the rest were from seed.



2 Responses to “Cheeseburgers!”

  1. Hedera Says:

    Fantastic – a small army of cheeseburgers!! Were they bite size or regular?? :))

    • belladonnabess Says:

      Technically I’d say “bite-sized” but they were more than a single bite. They were certainly not regular (nothing remotely regular about these burgers 😉

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