Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Traditional Labour Weekend October 23, 2011

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Two great Labour Weekend traditions:

– Labour Weekend is the time to have your vegetable garden sorted for summer

– The weather will not be good gardening weather

I’ve been trying today, but have nearly been blown over several times. So now I’m inside for a break.

Eating: broad beans (I think that it is mostly “dwarf early green”. Whatever it is, I’m saving some pods, as it beat the other varieties by a month), coloured chard (of course…), cavolo nero, the last of the  “miniature” leeks, a few very small new potatoes from a self-sown plant, lettuce, miner’s lettuce, a few snow peas, broccoli flowers and a few shoots of broccoli that haven’t bolted.

Germinating: most of my cucurbits have germinated, except the blackjack zucchini and the pumpkin (both a little old). Also most of the tomatoes except Tigerella, which has never thrived for me anyway.

Buying: to eat, asparagus only. Seedlings of capsicum, chili, tomato and cucurbits to make up for the fact that I’ve never been too successful with seed-grown capsicum, and I could do with a few extra tomatoes and cucurbits of some varieties.

Sowing: beans.

Planting: another O’Neal blueberry. I lost the last one, but it tastes so good I want another try. Also transplanting “petite blue” as it wasn’t in quite the right spot, and feeding, acidifying and mulching the blueberry bed. I’ve put down netting over the cardboard mulch and soil, but I’ll need to properly enclose it within the next month. Also planning to put a few more strawberries in that bed.

Tying: I’ve attempted to tie up my broad beans, but this wind really is thwarting my efforts. Even the dwarf varieties are flattened.

Weeding: 1/3 of my soon-to be zucchini bed, blueberry bed, the end of the bed that will be mostly beans and potatoes, and not much else. Things are so out of control…

Painting: the fence at the flont of my house. So far, if you looked at the front of my house you would never believe a passionate gardener lived there. But I’m making slow progress to fixing that. A neat grey fence is one step, then there is some major weeding and digging to get a decent plantable area, followed by some actual plants. It won’t be food plants – not the right conditions really.

I’d add some new pictures, but my camera is getting fixed, so here are a few renovation pictures. Not the best quality ever, but you get the general idea.


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