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Renovating September 17, 2011

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I have no idea what is wrong with wordpress, but it decided to save an earlier version of my post and won’t let me edit it. That is why there is a half-completed sentence in the previous post.

So here is the bit I was trying to add.

The reason I have been distracted from the garden and blog is that I have been renovating. I have a completely rebuilt laundry and sunroom, and a shiny new kitchen. I haven’t taken a lot of photos yet, but here is the sunroom.



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It isn’t quite as bad as it appears from the blog – I have actually been gardening for the last couple of months. Just not writing about it. That is largely because almost all I’ve done is weed.

Eating: romanesco broccoli, cavallo nero, coloured chard, pumpkin (stored), garlic (stored), Liliputian leeks (well they are meant to be ordinary leeks, but they didn’t get very big and they are more like big spring onions).

Buying: I’ve had to buy a few vegetables, but not much. Over the last few weeks, I’ve managed to get by without buying vegetables again, except for bought onions.

Planting: quite a bit really. I planted early potatoes (rocket I think) that are up already. I bought a ‘Rose Chiffon’ dwarf peach – I have been wanting one for ages – and planted it in a half wine barrel beside my bench. The soil in that spot is pure clay, so pots were the best option. I planted a few new strawberries but the blackbirds killed them. I have bought a few more and will make sure they are netted better this time. I planted various annual flowers – poppies, stock, pansies in the garden and in pots.

Assembling: a new mini-greenhouse. This is a proper one, made of galvanised metal and glass, with a stand that is on wheels. I made the wooden shelf underneath myself – it just seemed too useful a space to waste.

Sowing: curcurbits (yesterday). In pots in my new mini-greenhouse.

Bolting: my giant white carrot that I left for seed is flowering. Most of my kohlrabi and a couple of my romanesco broccoli are bolting before producing anything much edible. Note to self – don’t bother planting kohlrabi in winter.

Anticipating: broad beans. The first pods are just a week or two away on my Sutton’s dwarf. The others are all a bit later.

Worrying: there are a few shoots on the purple asparagus, but no sign of the older green plants at all. They are normally earlier than this. I hope they are still alive, and just delayed by the crazy weather (hail, snow etc).

Renovating: I haven’t written about m