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So far behind… May 14, 2011

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I’ll never catch up. That’s the blog, the garden and my life. Sigh.

Transplanting: celeriac, chard and kohlrabi. Kohlrabi are ones that I sowed only 3 weeks ago. The celeriac and chard are older. Celeriac in particular is slow, like celery.

Observing: the three rows of leek seedlings that I planted out about 3 weeks ago (at Easter I think) are doing ok. They are in trenches about 15cm deep, and I’m adding compost to fill the trench as the seedlings get bigger. There is also a row of spinach by the leeks. It seems to be thriving.

Sprouting: the broad beans and peas that I sowed at Easter are all up and a reasonable size. I’ve tried a slightly different strategy with the plastic mesh. I have made little tunnels rather than flat on the ground. The mesh does its job of repelling the blackbirds, but makes it very hard to weed.

Also sprouting: a selection of seedlings – brassicas, leeks and spinach – that I planted in pots at Easter. I’ve transplanted a few of the kohlrabi already, but I’m not sure how they will do.

Harvesting: last week I harvested the crop of Desiree potatoes I planted on December the 18th. The tops had turned black despite no frost. I think it was blight but the tubers seem ok.

Cursing: the last two weeks have been much warmer than average, which is nice, but also rather wet. Leaves that should have been yellowing on fruit like raspberries have gone black with fungus instead.

Eating: potato, pumpkin (my two bulk vegetables), carrot, beetroot, celery, chard, pak choi, lettuce, chickweed, puha, sorrel, random other leafy brassicas.

Lamenting: my garden is a complete mess. I’m so far behind. I have a few small areas with food and a few small areas that will be food soon as long as I keep them weeded, and the rest is just weeds, weeds and more weeds.

Cheering up: I think I may have done better this year at keeping enough food going so I don’t need to buy vegetables. Right now I’ve got lots of potato and pumpkim, and enough carrots, beetroot, celery, chard and onion. I make a huge stew with my vegetables (plus a packet of venison from the market and a tin of tomatoes) about once a week and mainly live on that. I’ve still got the oca, which aren’t quite ready to harvest, plus a much larger Jerusalem artichoke this year. I hope that by July/ August the seedlings I’ve planted through April and May will be edible. Already one kohlrabi is starting to form a…actually, I’ve got no idea what it is. The swollen stem base that is the edible bit.