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Allium January 21, 2011

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Harvesting: garlic, shallots, onions. I’ve only managed to grow 4 shallots. This is entirely pathetic, as I planted 4 bulbs, although 2 just didn’t grow. Don’t know why, but I’m not good a growing shallots. The garlic is small but I have quite a bit of it. Most of the onions aren’t ready, but a couple were showing signs of flowering so I pulled them up.

Weeding: cleaned out around the potatoes, celery and onions.

Covering: I put compost, clover mowed from the path and pea straw around my new lot of potatoes.

Eating: zucchinis (in quantity), carrots, raspberries (not so many now). strawberries (ditto), Cape gooseberries, potatoes, beetroot, garlic


3 Responses to “Allium”

  1. Jo Says:

    I’ve just pulled up all my onions – hardly any of them have grown bigger than pickling onions – I’m not sure what went wrong with that lot!

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    My onions are a good size, but my garlic was small. I think it was a combination of not particularly good soil and too many weeds. I tried growing them in a garden that is particularly well drained, as I had some rot last year. But the well-drained garden might need a bit more compost.

    How is the rest of your garden going? At least it should be well-watered at the moment…

    • Jo Says:

      It’s not going too badly – I’ve mainly been growing in pots this year – the soil part of the garden (inside the greenhouse – the outside ‘soil areal’ is the landlady’s and I’m not allowed to touch it…) had spinach in it, which went really well, though they went over to seed too quickly (I need to remember next time to chop the flowers before they get a chance to pollinate!), the onions, which I’ll definitely be pickling, and some Pak Choi, which was a bit of a disaster, as they never looked like the plants I get from the farmers’ market, and so I let them go to seed by mistake.

      In the pots, I’ve got cherry tomatoes which are coming through faster than I can eat (and my husband doesn’t eat them at all, so I’m going to have to think of fun things to do with them), three different types of chilli pepper, a capsicum (with two peppers on it at the moment) and a luffa plant (given to us in seed form as a bit of a joke from a friend – I’m going to let the biggest one grow to ‘shower’ size and see if I can make it into a proper Loofah, and will see how edible the smaller ones are).

      Then there’s the ‘orchard’ – I’m collecting potted trees, all of which now need to move into bigger pots (still no car, so getting a decent sized bag of compost is logistically tricky…); the lemon has a few lemons which appear to have set, but I’m not holding my breath until they get a bit bigger, the fig, likewise, seems to have a couple of fruit, but my experience with them is that they get to about thumbnail size, then fall off, the olive is loving the corner of the garden that it is in – this year, I know that I need to brine them before they are edible – a lesson very well learnt last year, the two kiwi plants are just getting going, and the feijoa still hasn’t fruited, but I’m not expecting anything from that for another year or so…

      So – a successful growing year so far in the main!

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