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Overgrown January 15, 2011

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I am gardening a bit, but mostly just trying to keep the weeds under control.

Eating: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants, carrots, zucchini, beetroot, peas, beans (just a few), garlic, potatoes.

Freezing: currants and gooseberries.

Cooking: last weekend I didn’t write about it, but I made a gooseberry fool. It was delicious, and very easy.

Cook gooseberries (topped and tailed) with a knob of butter and some honey (sweeten to taste, but don’t oversweeten, as the tartness of the gooseberries is what makes it nice). I didn’t bother with pureeing the mix or anything. Cool.

Whip cream with vanilla essence and icing sugar. Fold in cooled gooseberry mixture. Eat.

Quantities are a matter of common sense. The proportion of whipped cream to cooked gooseberries is supposed to be about 50/50.


2 Responses to “Overgrown”

  1. Denise Says:

    Sounds delicious! I’ll keep my eye out for some gooseberries…

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    I’ve still got enough in the freezer to make another batch, so I’ll let you know if I have some spare when I do.

    Or you may be able to grow some. I’m sure my plant it will need pruning later and I think they are easy enough to propagate. They are easy to grow too.

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