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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Summer’s here November 27, 2010

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How long it will stay summer I don’t know, but the weekend was sunny and hot, and everything is looking really dry.
Watering: I’m particularly making sure that the fruit trees I put in this year get enough, plus the vegetables need regular watering in weather like this.

Disassembling: the cloche/ Faustarium. The zucchinis are getting big and should be able to survive without the cover now. Faust hasn’t been using it so much over the last week, probably because it is getting too hot in there. His current favourite spot is the half bale of straw that I have sitting under the table on my deck.

Planting: bought seedlings of capsicum or chilli (can’t remember), eggplants (one into the ground and two into pots for the greenhouse), homegrown cucumber seedlings, Dianthus (at the base of one of my apple trees). I think I also planted some bean seeds last weekend that I forgot to write up.

Eating: I’ve had my first raspberries and boysenberries, and one blueberry. The currants and gooseberries are some way off still. Lots of strawberries, plus lots of lettuce and salad, broad beans, a few carrots, cavolo nero, multiplying onions and some of the remaining (rather small) leeks. Broccoli all finished. Getting a few potatoes from random spots in the garden.

Anticipating: the first zucchinis, which I’m expecting before Christmas. Plus the berries…

Picking: an abundance of self-sown sweet peas. Lovely.


Glut! November 21, 2010

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Eating: I ate about 40 strawberries today. Or maybe more. It took two sittings to get through them all. I might have to start storing them and/ or cooking with them soon.

Planting: bean seeds, 3 tomato seedlings (one Ladybug I grew from seeds, 2 Roma from bought seedlings).

Weeding: I had to make space for the tomatoes.

Uncovering: I took the plastic bag off the pumpkin growing on the pumpkin pile, since it was running out of space. It’s doing rather well. Clearly a good pumpkin pile, and amazing how effective a plastic bag and some sticks can be as a mini-greenhouse.


The taste of sunshine November 16, 2010

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Eating: strawberries. There’s something about that wonderful intense flavour in a berry still warm from the sun. I ate at least a dozen today.

Also eating: cavallo nero, broad beans, leeks (that look more like big spring onions), carrots, spinach, the last of the celery, lettuce, multiplying onions. I’m liking the cavallo nero – it is easier to chop up than something like silverbeet or cabbage.

Cursing: the aphids on my broccoli. I can’t work out how to clean them off in order to eat it.

Planting: “Pax” gooseberry. It’s a red-fruited one, and a bit more prone to mildew than Invicta. Planted in the weekend.

Netting: the large soft fruit garden.

Installing: a new, retractable hose. The old one was a complete pain to use, kinking and difficult to pull out and wind up. I’ll have a lot of watering this summer with the new fruit trees.

Watering: it’s pretty dry – predicted rain last weekend didn’t come.

Mulching: the berry garden, before I netted it.

Admiring: the growth on my spaghetti squash and especially my pumpkin in the pumpkin pile. It really likes being protected by a plastic bag.

Sowing: a few beans, some Lubyana carrots and some Nigella (sativa and damascena). This was in the weekend.