Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Battle of the berries October 29, 2010

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Netting: I spent much of today preparing for the annual battle between berry-loving gardeners and blackbirds. I lost the first round, because I had some strawberries that were ripening during the week and the birds got those. But the nets should do the trick. I’ve netted 3 strawberry beds, plus my blueberries and my nectarine (which has a bunch of strawberries around it. I’ve still got 2 strawberry beds to net (one which is next to my boysenberry), as well as my raspberry and currant garden. The raspberries and currants aren’t so close to being ready, so they can wait another week I think.

For future reference, the good netting that I like is “Gardman” brand and I bought it at California Garden Centre. Bunnings had it last year but didn’t this year for some reason. I had to go to 4 shops with a sample of the netting I wanted before I found it. It’s good because the holes are large enough that they don’t trouble the bumblebees so much.

Eating: broccoli, white alpine strawberries, lettuce, Cape gooseberry, spinach (just a first taste in a salad so far), miner’s lettuce, puha, edible flowers including calendula, borage, pansy, rocket.

Germinating: I noticed one bean seedling just starting. No sign from the rest.

Cursing: I’ve no idea what is wrong with WordPress, but it is starting to do strange things, like not let me insert a picture and then edit it. Certain sites do this sometimes – they make “upgrades” and things stop working in Opera. That’s why the picture is tiny – I can’t adjust it.


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