Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

A break from silverbeet, finally October 16, 2010

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Pulling out: the old silverbeet plants that I’ve been eating from since last summer. They were beginning to bolt, and frankly I need a break from silverbeet. More importantly, I needed the space.
Preparing: the bed where I will plant my zucchini and cucumber this summer. I dumped sheep manure pellets, blood and bone, coffee grounds, “rok” fertilizer (organic fertilizer with trace elements etc), compost and a few weeds and bits of silverbeet that I had pulled out under a cardboard mulch. I topped the cardboard with pea straw and green plastic mesh, which has the dual purpose of keeping the blackbirds from digging it up and stopping the gusty northwesterlies from blowing it all away. None of this will be properly broken down by the time I plant the zucchini (one of the problems with intensively managing a small site). But I’ll plant the zucchini in a wad of compost, and things will be breaking down enough by the time the roots are spreading. Or that is my theory. It has worked before.
Hoping: that I’ll get some decent weather for getting on with the garden next weekend. Most of this was done in not very pleasant weather yesterday; today was far to horrible for even me to be in the garden. It’s certainly not zucchini planting weather now.
Eating: radishes and Cape gooseberries. Apart from those, silverbeet and all the other stuff I’ve been mentioning. Still, silverbeet was the only thing in abundance.

Pruning: cutting back some of my soft fruit, at completely the wrong time. Should have done it a couple of months back.
Observing: 2 hazelnuts in full leaf. One has only just broken. Most odd. If this is a consistent pattern, I can’t imagine how it will cross-pollinate with the other two I have, even though I’m sure the books said it would.
Wondering: when I dare to try planting my beans. It really doesn’t seem like bean weather yet either.


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