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Plant more carrots October 9, 2010

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That’s my current garden motto. Carrots are so reliable and easy, and grow year-round. I just need to remember to keep planting them regularly.

Two days of gardening in one, as I’ve been too busy with the Botanical Society newsletter to write much.

Sowing: carrots (Berlicum, purple dragon, white Belgian, amber), parsnip (failed with this last year and don’t expect to succeed this year as the seed had been in the fridge for a year, but my neighbour says that you can refrigerate parsnip seed so here’s hoping.).

Also sowing: peas. I learned something last year. Plant your shell peas separate from your sugar snaps and snow peas, because otherwise you don’t know whether to eat the pods or not. I planted Alderman’s tall climbing, saved seed from a really good random plant that came up from the pea straw, Carouby, snow pea, sugar snap.

Planting: apple (Bolero, one of the columnar apples).

Moving: my rhubarb to the feral potato corner – it was too big for the space between the redcurrant and blackcurrant. Also, my cutting-grown redcurrant, into the space left by the rhubarb.

Preparing: one of the frames for my climbing beans. I’ve also bought some seeds of dwarf beans. I haven’t grown them recently because they take a bit more ground space than the climbing beans, but the wind is hard on the climbers and I thought I’d see how they go.

Pruning and tying: my pear espalier and my Albany Surprise grape.

Weeding: forever.

Mulching: not much. I’ve decided that since the mulch encourages blackbirds and slows down the ground warming, that I’ll mulch a bit less in spring (when the blackbirds are most destructive). In summer, when it warm and drier, and the blackbirds less active, I’ll put in some heavier mulch.

Eating: silverbeet, broad beans, carrots, broccoli,  lettuce and other greens, potatoes and a strawberry from my “Lipstick” strawberry. They don’t produce a lot of fruit, but they are certainly early.


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