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First hints of spring August 7, 2010

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Blooming: I have two jonquils flowering and plenty more in bud. I note that by the end of July last year I actually had a daffodil out, so things are later this year.

Preparing: I cut back must asparagus, gave them sheep manure pellets, compost from my worm bin and bought compost, and transplanted a couple of the seedlings that were in silly places in the bed. Again, the first spears were up before this last year.

Draining: before the most recent lot of rain, my swampy/ pondy bit by the side of the deck actually had all the water drain away. Of course it has filled up again now.

Planting: a Buerre Bosc pear, Butler, Merveille de Bowiller and Whiteheart hazelnuts, a few polyanthus.

Pruning: I cut the Buerre Bosc back pretty severely, as I need to get it to branch low enough to go on my espallier wires. Hope it survives – I always find cutting trees like that a little nerve-wracking.

Germinating: a good number of my broad beans have germinated, despite the efforts of the blackbirds. However I’m sure I actually planted them in rows, and they aren’t growing in rows…

Eating: mostly pak choi and silverbeet, although I’ve still got a few stored yams left though, and some garlic. And enough feral salad greens to have a nibble straight from the garden. I’ve still got half a pumpkin in the fridge – I’ll make that into soup soon.

Buying: leeks, carrots and a few other things like celeric and swede.

Anticipating: asparagus time soon. Some of my crowns are probably old enough for me to take a few spears. I’ll still have to buy some of course. I don’t think that my gardenis big enough to grow enough asparagus to keep me supplied.


2 Responses to “First hints of spring”

  1. Jean Hollis Says:

    Hello from Jean (your friend from the Porirua MW Farmers’ Market – formerly Kapiti Gold Organics.) I have finally got around to checking your blog and am feeling very envious of all the wonderful things you have going for you in the garden. I’m making slow progress here in Ohau – lots of shelter needed before I can do too much, but we’ve put in quite a few natives, as well as an avenue of olive trees, an apricot and a quince, and I’m slowly starting on the vege beds.

    You did mention that you (and a friend?) might be interested in a weekend wwoofing at some stage, so do let me know if that still applies. You’re probably pretty busy catching up in your own garden after all the wet weather we’ve been having, and with spring just around the corner it all gets pretty frantic.

    Hope to hear from you some time.


  2. belladonnabess Says:

    Hi Jean and great to hear from you.

    The offer still applies, but I have overcommitted myself until mid/ late September. Late September may be possible, otherwise October. I could probably only manage one day, but could do a good long day and may be able to find some interested friends as well.

    My garden is a bit behind where it should be due to the awful weather, but I am making progress. At least the days are getting longer, so some days it is still light when I get home.

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