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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

August frost August 24, 2010

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Frost this morning. I went out to pick some lettuce for lunch and it was frozen solid. I can’t remember having a frost this late here before.

Wondering: I have no idea how much frost I have had this winter, as I have been leaving in the morning while it is still dark. I’m so glad the days are a bit longer now, so I have a better idea of what is going on.

Eating: lettuce, silverbeet, miner’s lettuce, chickweed, puha. Not a lot really; I’m still buying vegetables but at least I’ve got salad.

Tidying: on the weekend I pulled out some weeds and old cabbage that was finally starting to bolt. I can’t complain, since I have had several heads off each plant.

Flowering: I’ve got half a dozen daffodils now. Big happy yellow ones, my absolute favourite. I love daffodils. They’re like a smile on a stalk.


First hints of spring August 7, 2010

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Blooming: I have two jonquils flowering and plenty more in bud. I note that by the end of July last year I actually had a daffodil out, so things are later this year.

Preparing: I cut back must asparagus, gave them sheep manure pellets, compost from my worm bin and bought compost, and transplanted a couple of the seedlings that were in silly places in the bed. Again, the first spears were up before this last year.

Draining: before the most recent lot of rain, my swampy/ pondy bit by the side of the deck actually had all the water drain away. Of course it has filled up again now.

Planting: a Buerre Bosc pear, Butler, Merveille de Bowiller and Whiteheart hazelnuts, a few polyanthus.

Pruning: I cut the Buerre Bosc back pretty severely, as I need to get it to branch low enough to go on my espallier wires. Hope it survives – I always find cutting trees like that a little nerve-wracking.

Germinating: a good number of my broad beans have germinated, despite the efforts of the blackbirds. However I’m sure I actually planted them in rows, and they aren’t growing in rows…

Eating: mostly pak choi and silverbeet, although I’ve still got a few stored yams left though, and some garlic. And enough feral salad greens to have a nibble straight from the garden. I’ve still got half a pumpkin in the fridge – I’ll make that into soup soon.

Buying: leeks, carrots and a few other things like celeric and swede.

Anticipating: asparagus time soon. Some of my crowns are probably old enough for me to take a few spears. I’ll still have to buy some of course. I don’t think that my gardenis big enough to grow enough asparagus to keep me supplied.