Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Slow progress February 27, 2010

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Today was horribly windy, and not the sort of day I really wanted to spend in the garden, so I spend a bit more time doing things inside.

Painting: yesterday I spent a couple of hours painting the fence. There is another hour or so still to do, I hoped to do it today, but the weather wasn’t appealing. Once I’ve done the painting, I can line the retaining wall, remove all the bits of treated timber lying around in there and start fixing up the soil.

Cooking: I made the zucchini-based lemon honey from NZ Gardener. It’s definitely not indistinguishable from lemon honey, but it’s not a bad thing to do with a kilo of yellow zucchini.

Baking: yesterday I went to a breadmaking workshop at the Mt Victoria festival. Today I made my third attempt at breadmaking (my previous efforts being pizza bases and spicy fruit buns last week). I abandoned recipes and made a wholemeal loaf with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I’ve very pleased with how it turned out. The flavour is amazing – I suspect that may be due to the high quality flour.

Eating: a few raspberries. I was mistaken, the ripening rasperries were not Qualicum but Ebony. There look to be at least 40 berries ripening up. Also, Autumn Bliss and Waiau are in flower.

Also eating: zucchini obviously, cabbage (a mini one, sprouting from one of the plants I cut off a couple of months ago), carrots, radishes, beetroot, beans, lettuce, strawberries.

Sharing: zucchini. Plenty to share right now.


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