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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Out of control February 12, 2010

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For the last month I’ve been either busy on the weekend or away, and also it has rained, heavily enough to soak the garden, at least once a week all summer. As a consequence, the weeds are out of control.

Admiring: my deck, kindly finished by some friends while I was away. It looks amazing. I don’t even have a decent “before” shot to show because in 3 years I don’t think I ever photographed it, it was so ugly.

Germinating: dozens of feral pumpkins, hundreds of feral tomatoes and a small crop of feral broccoli (the only one of the three that I’m likely to get a good crop from, as it is too late to be starting tomatoes and pumpkin here).

Harvesting: overlarge zucchini, not quite at the marrow stage but not far away. That is what happens when you leave the garden for a week.

Weeding: I’ve made a rather timid start, but there are many hours to go. That’s the problem with filling the soil with compost and manure and then getting a wet summer. Everthing grows.

Eating: beans – finally enough to cook up a plateful, rather than a small snack. Zucchini – of course. Nectarine – this was a week or so ago but I’m behind on the diary. It had been nibbled a bit by slugs or earwigs (I have both in abundance) but the flavour was lovely. If I can ripen a nectarine properly in this awful summer, then they should do well most years, so I’m going to put in a couple more. Tomatoes – a couple of the little currant tomatoes, from my greenhouse. Strawberries – doing pretty well right now, both the usual ones and the white alpines. Carrots – I haven’t eaten them all yet. Lots of other stuff in small amounts.

Sharing: various vegetables, but especially zucchini.

Forgetting: I’m sure there was other stuff I needed to mention, but I have no idea what it was. So here are some pictures – click on the small photos to see a larger version.


2 Responses to “Out of control”

  1. Jo Says:

    Your garden and your deck both look fantastic! I’m getting a great image of feral pumpkins wandering round the house at night and knocking over the dustbins…

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    Thanks! I do like my feral vegetables. They’ve never heard of a straight row, and pay no attention whatsoever when I decide that this year I’m going to grow carrots here and zucchinis there.

    The feral lettuces are my favourite. I learned from them that midwinter is the perfect time to germinate lettuce. I wouldn’t normally try to germinate seed in midwinter, but the feral ones thrived, so now I know.

    My brain is ticking away now – I know a cartoonist who might just like the idea of of the feral pumpkins rummaging in the rubbish bins (or maybe feral lettuce leaping onto the plates of people who don’t eat enough greens). Hmm…

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