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Giant rhubarb January 19, 2010

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Eating: rhubarb. My plant is enormous. I don’t remember it being this big when I grew it before. The leaves are more like the size of a gunnera. I’ve also  got gigantic alpine strawberries, 2-3 times the size I usually get. I put a plant in the corner of the asparagus bed, and it’s clearly enjoying all that compost, manure and worm cast.

Also eating: Dalmatian beans. Only a few, as I want to save some seed and the plants have had a tough season. Still, there are a few beans starting to form now, and the first signs of pods on my scarlet runners. More days like today (24 degrees and nearly windless) would help.

Setting: there are definitely some fruit forming on my tomatoes. I’m still some way from having any ready to eat though.


2 Responses to “Giant rhubarb”

  1. Jo Says:

    (StudentJo from Gardenweb here 🙂 )

    Do you force the rhubarb, or is it growing like that naturally?

  2. belladonnabess Says:


    It is just in one of my garden beds, among the currants. Over the winter, that garden gets very little sun, but not much frost either. The rhubarb doesn’t really grow much, but it doesn’t die down completely. I mulch it with straw, but don’t completely cover it.

    It’s in good, deep soil with a lot of compost and manure, and maybe it actually likes the weather we’ve been having. It has certainly put on a lot of growth in the last couple of months.

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