Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

A week of firsts December 11, 2009

Filed under: Garden — belladonnabess @ 10:44 pm

Today was mostly sunny, but the gale-force winds and the imminent arrival of Christmas diverted me into the alternative activities of shopping and baking.

Eating: blueberries. First ones from my little Southern Highbush plants. I had one or two berries from each (the plants were pretty small so I picked off almost all the developing berries a few months back because I thought they needed to put their energies into leaves).

Eating: cabbage. First one I’ve grown (ever). I’ve got a couple more coming on. I don’t think summer is really cabbage weather,  but the spring was clearly cold enough.

Eating: one gooseberry and one redcurrant. Both the first for the season.

Eating: zucchini. Also first. Not very big, but I’ve notice the plant has really got bigger in the last week, so hopefully some bigger ones will be on the way.

Eating: raspberries. 10 or more a day, mainly from the Waiau, with a few Marcy and Autumn Bliss). I even froze some – the first time I’ve had enough to even think about that. Blackcurrants, although I don’t have many fruit this year. Strawberries, again not lots. I think I need to redo some of the nets.

Eating: carrots, broad beans, peas (mainly sugar snap and some snowpeas), lettuce, silverbeet, onion, “walking onion”, dill, oregano, parsley, thyme.

Last week I bought one bunch of asparagus, same this week. I also bought some potatoes last week. But that’s it. I’m back to eating mostly from the garden, and even having some to share.

Baking: German Christmas biscuits (lemon hearts and cinnamon stars, although they were acutally diamonds as I don’t have a heart-shaped cutter). I also made white chocolate and passionfruit truffles.


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