Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Crazy seasons December 4, 2009

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Last week was like the third winter of the year. Today was summer. I’m confused, but not half as confused as my plants.

Bolting: one of the silverbeet plants planted this winter has already bolted. Since silverbeet is supposed to be a biennial, the poor plant clearly thinks that the cold weather in October constituted its second winter. But it isn’t just the silverbeet…

Flowering: onions. Not quite – they have all sent up flower heads but haven’t opened up yet. Again, onions are biennial, so shouldn’t flower until after their second winter, or not at all if things go to plan, because they are harvested as dormant bulbs in the summer. But not mine. October gave them enough chilling hours to convince them they had endured a second winter. That’s the last time I grow onions from Auckland (Pukehoke long keeper). IF I try onions again (and that’s debatable right now), I’ll try something from northern Europe that needs a real winter to flower.

Rotting: most of my shallots. I’m not sure if I can’t grow shallots or it has just been an exceptionally bad season. It isn’t entirely surprising. Most years I’m starting to see my grass start dying off in early summer, in fact I’ve seen it happen as early as November. But it is in full growth right now and no sign of slowing.

Potting: tomatoes (ladybug, black cherry, currant and random), capsicum (red and green), chili (Hungarian wax and cayenne). I’ve put them in good potting mix in big pots and put them back in the little greenhouse. I’m not sure about my chances of getting a decent crop outdoors this year, might as well try the greenhouse.

Digging: I dug out the weeds where I wanted my garden bench and put the bench into its permanent spot. It looks great. I’ll try to get a photo tomorrow.

Budding: my gemini feijoa as well. I’ve nearly got a calendula open. My cherry tomatoes are also starting to bud, as are a couple of the chilies.

Nearly ready: I’ve got a cabbage that looks close to harvest. Not sure how long to leave it – I’m afraid it will bolt.

Eating: more raspberries, a few blackcurrants, beet, carrot, lettuce, broad beans, celery, a few sugar snap peas, herbs.

Sharing: lettuce, silverbeet and a few raspberries

It’s not a great picture, but here’s my garden looking a bit more lush than previous pictures.


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