Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Last weekend December 3, 2009

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Last weeked, in desperation, I gardened in the rain and cold. Unfortunately I was too busy to write it up.

Planting: Zephyr zucchini, yellow cucumber. The older zucchini plants looked like that might have had a virus, but they seemed to be recovering, so I planted them out in the hope they’re ok. The smaller zucchini plants and cucumbers looked ok.

Also planting: more tomatoes, a couple of basil plants, a couple more of the chili plants, lobelias and a random selection of flower seedlings.

Constructing: a very robust windbreak around the zucchinis.

Eating: baby carrots, broad beans, lettuce, pak choi, sugar beet thinnings, sugarsnap peas and RASPBERRIES

I’m so excited. Did I mention raspberries?


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