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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Playing in the light November 7, 2009

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Coloured silverbeetI think it was supposed to rain today, but instead it was a beautiful day with a light southerly that didn’t even touch my garden. I did get some gardening done, but I spent more time than I should have basking in the warmth and taking pictures in the lovely evening light.

Eating: silverbeet (the new batch), celery (nearly the last of it for this year I think), assorted salad greens, strawberries, spring onions, broad beans. I don’t have much of anything, except salad leaves, but I have a reasonable variety.

Planting: tomatoes (cherry red, random and ladybug left to right) beside my deck, pak choi, romanesco broccoli, cabbage (seedlings I grew from seed), saffron crocus bulbs (2 patches in the herb garden and a few bulbs in a pot).

Sowing: more cucurbits – spaghetti squash, zucchini, horned melon, cucumber (all in pots in the greenhouse, plus a couple of cucumbers in the ground). My last lot of cucurbits look pretty bad – looks like a virus only I can’t think how they would all be infected).

Weeding: still  not quite got the weeds under control. It’s good growing weather now.

Mowing: my small remaining “lawn”, with hand shears.

Photographing: vegetables and my sarracenias.





One Response to “Playing in the light”

  1. Stella maris Says:

    I see now what you meant by the day of the triffids. It was a very scary movie to watch. being freshly arrived in New Zealand it scared me even more as it involved cycades. we also watched it on a big projector screen with very good sound. there is no need to say that i am scared now of the cycades too. I hope I got the spelling right.

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