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First strawberry October 31, 2009

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Two days of gardening in one post, I couldn’t be bothered writing yesterday, and I haven’t done that much.

Eating: my first strawberry of the season. I had eaten some shop strawberries earlier in the day, which only highlighted just how good my one tasted fresh from the plant.

Also eating: peas (just a few from plants that sprouted in the pea straw), silverbeet, radishes, various salad greens including lettuce, miner’s lettuce and puha.

Sharing: salad greens and radishes.

Flowering: my vicarious rose (Francois Juranville), anemones (in my berry garden).

Germinating: some beans are germinating and looking ok, just a couple though.

Improving: a lot of my seedlings are looking better after a week in the greenhouse.

Heading: I’m seeing the first sign of a head on one of the broccoli from the patch that was feeding me in April, and my cabbages. The cabbages looked rather nice with the dew on them this morning, so I’ve put a photo below.

Weeding: around the pear tree. I was trying to get some seeds going there, so of course it grew lots of weeds. I did get a few Calendula and Nemophila seedlings though.

Observing: a few of my mustard plants had pustules of some white fungus on the underside of the leaves – looks like Albugo candida, brassica white rust. Curses – this is something that is really bad for native cresses and my Lepidium oleraceum is doing so well. Still, it is nowhere near the infected mustard, in a much drier and windier spot.

Constructing: a netting cage over my blueberries and the strawberries below them (more attempts to keep the blackbirds out), plus a couple of mini-windbreaks for the passionfruit and one of my nectarines that isn’t looking so great. Not sure what is the matter with it, I would say something with the roots, as the leaves look a bit wilty but it has no shortage of water. It isn’t anywhere near waterlogged though, that particular spot does drain well.

Attending: I spent most of yesterday at a workshop on soil micro-organisms and related topics like making compost “teas”. Some of it was very interesting and I’m going to try out a few things and see how they go.

Scrounging: visited friends today and scrounged various things from their farm, including rotted horse manure, wood ash (or gorse ash I think), water (non-chlorinated water to experiment with compost teas) and plastic bottles.

Cabbage and morning dew


2 Responses to “First strawberry”

  1. Stephen Says:

    The ash is from a Macrocarpa on the spot that I cut down this winter.


  2. belladonnabess Says:

    Yes, that makes sense. It looked like there were little spiny bits in the ash, bits of twig maybe.

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