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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Cages October 25, 2009

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I did garden yesterday but was too tired to write anything about it.

Finishing: the fruit cage for the berry garden.fruit cage

Mulching: under the berry bushes. The blackbirds made an awful mess, and I think I’ve lost some of my bulbs. Now it’s all caged in, so hopefully they won’t get back in there.

Weeding: the berry garden was surprisingly free of weeds, I pulled out a few things like the odd bit of couch grass. I weeded around various other spots as well.

And today…

Harvesting: the last bits of celery and silverbeet from the plants that had bolted, also miner’s lettuce from a few plants that I pulled out because they were taking over the salad greens bed.

Weeding: cleaning up the salad green bed and the bed where the silverbeet was.

Eating: silverbeet, celery, radish, beetroot (a couple of the winter planted plants survived the blackbirds), miner’s lettuce and other salad greens.

Planting: pearl drop onions in the spot where the silverbeet was. I haven’t grown onions before really, but I noticed that that was the one vegetable I felt like I needed to buy if I didn’t have any, so now I’m growing lots, including Pukekohe long keeper, red spring onion, pearl drop and shallot.

Sowing: parsnip. No sign that the last lot I planted came up – the seed might have been a bit old. The spot where I planted them has now been taken over by potatoes. So I sowed a new row beside the yams.

Caging: a couple of lots of strawberries. I’m not sure how easily the bumblebees will get through the net to pollinate, so I’ve only done some of them and will see if they continue setting fruit. I also gave them some compost and remulched, since the blackbirds had ripped up all the mulch around them.

Flowering: Lepidium oleraceum. It’s doing really well in the garden by my letterbox. Lots of flowers on the raspberries and the bumblebees are on them a lot.

raspberries in bud


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