Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

A very wet garden October 16, 2009

Filed under: Garden — belladonnabess @ 9:37 pm

Raining: I’m not sure how much rain there has been over the last week, because my rain gauge only takes 5 cm and then it just overflows. I managed to get a bit done in a brief fine period.

Eating: salad greens (mainly miner’s lettuce, but various other greens too), celery, silverbeet, radishes.

I’m not a great radish fan, but I had some seed and they’re quick, so I planted them with my parsnips, between rows of potatoes. No sign of the parsnips, but I’ve had a few radishes now. They’re ok as long as I eat them with something else.

Planting: chervil, capsicum and chili (bought plants), spaghetti squash, Fardenlosa bean (seed-grown by me).

Composting: I got some compost out of my bin for the new planting, and I did a bit of moving stuff around in the bin.

Mowing: my small remaining “lawn”, with hand shears.

Weeding: the root vegetable bed. Bare ground is so much worse for weeds than mulched ares, but now the plants in that bed are getting bigger, I’ve spread a bit of compost over the top.

Buying: bird netting. I need to net my berries soon.

Raining, again: I put my seedlings outside as at least it wasn’t windy.  It was ok for a bit and then it poured (1cm in about an hour). Then it stopped and I hoped that was it for a while. Since I’ve got a plague of snails, I sprinkled diatomaceous earth around everything, but the rain washes it away. Now it’s pouring again, and I’ll probably have no seedlings left by morning. Sigh. I hoped to be planting out some of my seedlings by now, but the last few weeks have been hard on them.


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