Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

I will probably wake up and find I was dreaming September 19, 2009

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Why do I think I might be dreaming? Because today, my garden is the closest that it has ever been to tidy. No bags of weeds solarising in the sun, no piles of concrete that I don’t know what to do with, no old potting mix/ garden bags that I can’t decide whether I should store or throw away, no bits of old wire and plastic that I dug up, no plants still in old potting mix bags from when I dug up the garden. Basically, nobody who knows me will believe it’s my garden.

Admittedly, some of the things mentioned above are still lying around on the deck, but the garden itself is tidy. It’s almost the “f” word, but of course no garden is ever really finished. So here it is.

OK, here it isn’t. For some reason I put the photo in, it appears fine, and then it disappears a day or so later. I’m afraid I don’t understand how the images work properly. So the picture is down the bottom with the Antarctic ones.

Planting: pepino “Blush”, Chandler and Lipstick strawberries

Repotting: two orchids that I badly neglected over the winter, the maidenhair and birds nest ferns from my bathroom, one strawberry that I have decided to keep potted.

Moving: my redcurrant cutting. I thought I had it in a spot where it could grow by the broad beans, but Faust has taken to sitting in, or on, the broad beans, and he was also squashing the poor little redcurrant.

Buying: some decent bypass secateurs (ambidextrous ones, as there weren’t any left-handed ones for under $130).

Pruning: my pear espalier. I got bold and cut the top off it, plus pruned off a few bits I definitely won’t need.

Trimming: my lawn, only it is far too weedy to be called lawn so I always have to call it a “lawn”.

Discovering: the bags of weeds were largely dead and well on the way to becoming compost. I won’t say all the couch grass was dead (yeah, right), but most was. Not bad going, most of them were bagged up at around the end of July I think.

Piling: the mostly dead weeds up with compost from my bin, coffee grounds, blood and bone, organic trace element mix and old potting mix to make a big heap in the middle of my “lawn”.

Covering: that heap with old sacks.

Sowing: various cucurbit seeds into small patches of seed mix, in holes on the sack-covered pile. It’s an experiment – I’ve never grown cucurbits like that, but I think it should work. I’ll see in a few months.

Sprinkling: more diatomaceous earth. I read  a tip that you should mist plants before applying and it will stick better (therefore you use less). I’m trying it on scale (orchids) and aphids (the grey ones that attack brassicas in spring). Not sure how it will work on those, but at least the slugs and snails won’t get those plants. I’m trying not to use too much though, because it is non-selective, apparently it does affect insects that are beneficial in the garden.

Wearing: shorts and t-shirt, and even sunscreen. Since I used the sunscreen that I took to Antarctica, and I haven’t used it since, I kept feeling like I was somewhere on the Ross Ice Shelf as I got wafts of a smell that I associated with that place. So instead of more garden pictures, here’s a small gallery of Antarctica shots. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.


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