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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Won’t be getting scurvy today September 18, 2009

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Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Me celebrations were a bit restrained, but I ‘anged a new pirate flag above me vege garden and ‘ad Cook’s scurvy grass in me bread roll for lunch. So really I celebrated the day by not gettin’ scurvy, and writin’ me garden diary in pirate.Nice new flag

Potterin’: couldn’t be bothered doin’ too much today, I were just enjoyin’ the sun.

Repottin’: broccoli, tomato, lovage and dill seedlings

Sowin’: more zucchini and cucumber, horned melon (whatever that be), crown pumpkin, spaghetti squash

Tyin’: up me pear espalier

Weedin’: goes without sayin’ really

Addin’: more compost (me own from me compost bin) and coffee grounds to the bed where me tomatoes will be grown.

Constructin’: a frame what me tomatoes will be growin’ on once it be warm enough for them. I ‘ave two currant tomatoes what be nearly big enough to plant out, but they be needin’ another couple o’ weeks inside just yet.

Sproutin’: potatoes (not sure about the Maori potatoes, but the rest be up), oca. Polka flower buds

Breakin’: finally, a couple o’ buds be nearly breakin’ on me Qualicum raspberry, and the other cane of Autumn Bliss also ‘as signs of life. One bud on Initial broken, no sign of any others, both nectarines ‘ave lots o’ leaf, signs o’ life from the pear, Albany Surprise ‘as some leaves nearly at full expansion, Candice now broken and the unknown potted grape just at bud swell.

Germinatin’: carrots, peas, beetroot, sugar beet and lots of weeds (main vegetable garden), brassicas o’ divers kind (greens garden), pak choi, romanesco broccoli, cabbage (inside), either meadowfoam or Nemophila, I be not certain (pear garden). There be lots o’ weeds, but some “weeds” appear to be lettuce and such like, what be not weeds after all.

Buddin’: lots o’ buds on Waiau and Marcy raspberries, some be on the boysenberry too. Possibly also buds on Miho mandarin and whitecurrant but I be not sure yet. Looks like there be flower buds on me Albany Surprise.

Flowerin’: gooseberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant ‘ave a few flowers open and plenty more buds on the way. Polka in flower, the mad little thing. Chandler strawberries, Primula veris, tulips, Ipheon. Miner’s lettuce – it be so cute with its strange, perfoliate leaves with the flowers in the middle.Miner's lettuce

Eatin’: pak choi, celery, silverbeet, herbs, miner’s lettuce, lettuce, rocket, mustard, NZ spinach, Cook’s scurvy grass and the first taste of fathen for the season. Seein’ as the pak choi be nearly gone, the silverbeet be boltin’ and the celery be thinkin’ to do the same, I be thinkin’ that the garden might be a little lean over the next month. But divers salad greens abound. And there were a bumble bee in me broad beans so per’aps I be gettin’ pods soon.

Wonderin’: what be this fungus. There be more than one patch. Not accompanied by any obvious dyin’ goin’ on among me plants so far, so I be hopin’ that it be a good one.

fungus with alpine strawberry


One Response to “Won’t be getting scurvy today”

  1. Stella maris Says:

    aye, I laughed all the way through reading this

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