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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Trying to keep pace with the weeds September 12, 2009

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It was an eventful weekend, but most of those events had nothing to do with gardening. However I did manage to get some work done today.

Raining: about 30 mm yesterday, but today was fine.

Reconstructing: did some repair work on the asparagus windbreak and the pea and bean structure

Weeding: lots of weeding. Couch grass mostly, plus a lot of small seedlings of things like fumitory.

Remulching: the area where my cucurbits are supposed to go in a month or so. Blackbirds had dug up most of the mulch.

Netting: trying to thwart the blackbirds.

Sowing: asparagus (in asparagus bed and pots indoors), broccoli (Precoce Romanesco), pak choi, mini cabbage (in garden by steps and pots indoors), aquliegia, black viola, black cherry tomato, ladybug tomato, fardenlosa beans, Dalmatian beans (all in pots indoors), sweet peas (outside).

Repotting: cucumber and currant tomato seedlings, into larger pots (yesterday)

Planting: violets (double mauve and double white), salad burnett

Sprouting: I used pruned pieces of redcurrant to try and stop the blackbirds digging up the garden. I went to pull them up since they weren’t working, and one wouldn’t come out easily. I dug it up carefully, and it had little roots starting and a bud breaking. I put it back in the ground, in a better location.

Flowering: Anemone blanda. I hadn’t even noticed it up.

Eating: celery, silverbeet, broccoli flowers, miner’s lettuce, lettuce, pak choi. Finally, a new vegetable from my garden. It was planted as a seedling in July 4th.

I’m particularly enjoying the broccoli flowers. They taste so nice, and they are also rather abundant.


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