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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

I got what I asked for September 5, 2009

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Another stunning day.

Sunny morning

Planting: coloured silverbeet/ chard, pepino El Camino, black passionfruit “Black Beauty”

Buying: beet, pepino and passionfruit, plus a Boronia megastigma which I’m going to try in a pot with a low phosphorus potting mix.

Germinating: radishes, one zucchini (it was the one that wasn’t under the plastic cover. Not what I expected).

Eating: same

Budding: Primula veris

Hanging: a codling moth pheromone trap in the fivefinger. I actually put it up yesterday but forgot to write it in..

Basking: Faust sat among the blueberries and enjoyed the sun. I decided that I need to get a bench at the far end of the garden – first thing in the morning it is shady and cold on the deck while the back corner of the garden is lovely. But there’s nowhere to sit.

Faust and blueberry


2 Responses to “I got what I asked for”

  1. Tracy W Says:

    Has your cat approved the location of the new seat?
    And why are you trapping moths? Does codling describe the trap or the moth? It’s a cool word anyway.

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    Faust likes to spend his mornings sitting on the old sacks near the spot where I want to put the seat, so I know it’s a good spot. And it won’t block his sun.

    Codling moth is a moth that eats apples and pears. Or its caterpillars eat apples – it’s what you are looking at if you bite into an apple and find a wormy thing in it. Or worse, half a worm. The trap catches male moths and a) tells you how many moths you have and b) reduces the population. My neighbour’s pear tree has codling moth, so I want to try and get the population down before my little apple trees get munched.

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