Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Planting things that aren’t edible August 22, 2009

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Planting: Primula veris, Arisaema nepenthoides, A. ringens, Fragaria blue lupin ‘Lipstick’ (a pink-flowered strawberry), white alpine strawberry, Geranium ‘Baxter’s Blue. Mostly ornamentals that will grow under my berry plants and make that garden a bit more interesting when the spring bulbs are gone, apart from the strawberries. The geranium is in a sunny spot by one of my apples. I also planted a second Fragaria ‘Lipstick’ in the blueberry garden, not sure how acid it will tolerate but I’ll know soon enough.

Repotting: more white alpine strawberries.

Budding: redcurrant and Albany Surprise. Also signs of leaves starting on one nectarine.

Spraying: copper oxychloride on my nectarines and grapes.

Wondering: what to do with the leftover spray mix, I didn’t use very much of it and don’t think it keeps.

Weeding: mostly buttercups today, but also some couch grass and a few other things.

Sowing: more mustard and blue lupin green manure, plus blue phacelia, meadowfoam, calendula and nemophila in some garden beds which I’m not quite ready to plant up yet. Partly so I have some pretty flowers, partly for the bees (or the bumblebees and random insects, because there are no honeybees), partly to eat (I like calendula petals in salad) and partly to have something to cover up the soil and save me having to buy more mulch.

August 23


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