Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Late frost August 19, 2009

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Noticed it was cold when I woke up this morning. Opened the curtains and saw a frost on my garden.

Observing: I haven’t actually done any gardening today, but I have a few observations, so I’m getting them down.

Germinating: mesclun mix. So far it is mostly only brassicas. They are always first.

Raining: not for the last few days, but there was 23 mm from Sunday afternoon until about Tuesday morning.

Sprouting: the comfrey is up.

Breaking: buds of Ebony, Ivory, Marcy and Waiau raspberries have broken, although some individual plants of Marcy and Waiau haven’t yet. No sign of Qualicon or Autumn Bliss (nor the red and white currants and Initial apple). Polka apple is swelling, while the blackcurrant and potted hazelnut are very close – should be open by the weekend.

Flowering: Both nectarines are in blossom. There are plenty of daffodils and other Narcissus, also Muscari, both types of Nemophila are flowering quite well, although the plants are still tiny. A few random flowers on my southern highbush blueberries. Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned the wild cineraria (Pericallis x hybrida) by the letterbox, but they have been flowering for at least two months. So far the ones I have are a particularly lurid purple with a white centre, great with the yellow daffs.

Bolting: one of my coloured beets. The others have picked up and are producing more now that it is warmer.

Eating: celery, silverbeet, parsley

Recording: frost report. I’m sorry this is probably incomprehensible to anyone but me so I’ve left it to last.

Berry garden at soil level: frost

Berry garden 15 cm above soil level: no frost (judged by whether or not daffodils that had fallen over a bit were frozen solid or not)

Vegetable garden: frost (it had the most)

Table on deck: frost

deck steps: frost

strawberry step: frost

> 1 m from south fence: frost (fascinating the effect that that fence has)

1 m from south fence: no frost

Asparagus: half frost (lower half, further from the south fence)

“lawn”: little bit of frost

salad garden: little bit of frost in one corner

broad beans: no frost or almost none

plum corner: no frost

Deck: no frost

Citrus corner: no frost

former fig tree garden: no frost


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