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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

An unexpected fine day August 14, 2009

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The weather forecast was wrong again. But no complaints, they predicted a miserable wet day and instead it was warm and reasonably sunny. And it rained at night so things did get watered.

Eating: silverbeet, rocket, lettuce, miner’s lettuce, chickweed, NZ spinach. I’ve been a bit more organised in the morning lately, plus my self-sown salad bed is producing a bit, so in the morning before work I’ve been picking a little container of salad to have with lunch.

Buying: the first asparagus from the market. In a couple of years I hope I won’t need to.

Digging: more removing the top weedy layer, this time from the garden around the catnip plant. I have now done all the converting of “lawn” I plan to do this year. There is still an area of about 10-15 square metres that is lawn (if it deserves such a description). I’m using it as a working area, which I still need. Hopefully by next year I won’t really need that space, or at least such a large space, and can use it to plant more stuff. Since I have such large decks I can use, I don’t want to waste any more planting space on lawn.

Mulching: the dug area with newspaper and pea straw, plus manure pellets, blood and bone, coffee grounds and compost from my compost bin under the mulch.

Planting: my other dwarf nectarine (which said Garden Delight on the label, so the other one I planted must have been Nectar Babe, as I know I got two different ones). Lepidium oleraceum and Rorippa divaricata – two threatened native cresses. I planted the lepidium by the letterbox, as this is the closest I’ve got to a coastal cliff. I mixed rather a lot of blood and bone in the soil around it. In the wild, this plant basically grows in bird poo, so it probably wants a lot of nitrogen in the soil. I planted the rorippa in my salad bed.

Wondering: what to do with the area I finished mulching today. I planted the nectarine in it, and there is the catnip plant which I can’t move as it is on Hades’ grave. Other than that, I’m not sure. There’s enough space for something else, but I’m not sure what. I don’t know if there is space for another dwarf stonefruit, but there is another one I’d quite like. It’s a white-fleshed peach with double blossom in bright pink.

Weeding: the area around my letterbox, plus a few other random spots.

Proving: just how effective a thick newspaper mulch can be. Unfortunately I discovered that is can supress daffodils and asparagus. I found blanched plants that hadn’t made it through the mulch when I decided to check. In some places they got through while in some they didn’t. I suspect that it was probably the thickness. I’ve removed most of it, but that means the weeds will get through too.

Wearing: sunglasses for most of the time I was working in the garden. I hurt my eye last week – I think I flicked something into it when I was in the garden, so I need to be a bit more careful.

Potting: miner’s lettuce. I’ve done five pots to give away. It’s always nice to have something from the garden to share. I don’t have enough produce at the moment, but I have plenty of seedlings of miner’s lettuce.

No photos today, I gardened until 5.55pm when it was nearly too dark to see my plants, let alone take pictures.


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