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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

It’s still spring… August 7, 2009

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Stunning: clear skies and light winds – the weather has been lovely for the last few days.

Weeding: the area along the back fence, also doing the edges of the garden and around the base of the Pseudopanax (I suspect it is some sort of hybrid one, but it is a nice tree).

Planting: feijoa “Unique”, more of the free raspberries (variety Marcy, which is one of the parents of the Waiau I’m growing), lemon balm.

Mulching: cocoa husks, and the sacks the husks came in.

Potting: my free hazelnut. I know where I want to plant it, but the area isn’t ready. The buds are just starting to sprout and I can’t leave it sitting around in an old bag any longer, so I’ve put it in a big pot and hope I can get it the ground before too long.

Sprouting: my trilliums. I’ve been carting these around in pots for years. In 1995, a friend gave me a division from one of hers. She died a few months later, so I’ve got a great attachment to that plant. I do have one other trillium, but I bought that one. I think I had them in the garden when I had my own place in Christchurch, but since then, I haven’t had a suitable spot. I’m sure they would be happier in the ground though.

Flowering: my lovely little Oxalis versicolor.


2 Responses to “It’s still spring…”

  1. riroriro Says:

    Have gardened all weekend!!! Feel really good for having been outdoors. Planted the last 2 rhodies, weeded all the pots so now know what is sprouting. Have a galanthus flowering…bliss!! And ordered our plants from Southwell and a few galanthus from Hokonui alpines….but the best news I’ve saved for last….met our neighbours behind us, a lovely couple, Ivan and Mikiko, and they are happy to have the trees cut YAY!!!! so Howard and Ivan will do it next weekend..also Mikiko loves honey and they are ok about our hives being there. My versicolor looks great too. See you tomorrow! 😉

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    That’s really good to hear. It will make such a difference having a bit more sun.

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