Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Spring already? August 1, 2009

Filed under: Garden — belladonnabess @ 6:55 pm

It’s cold, the days are short and the calendar says that spring is still a month away. But the daffodils are out, the asparagus is up and the northerly wind pattern of spring has arrived. No complaints, after all winter began a month early. And summer finished a month late. Ok, so the weather seems really odd this year.

Planting: feijoa (Gemini), comfrey (yes I know I will have it forever), mint (ditto), miner’s lettuce (moving it to a new spot in the garden), more spring bulbs. I suspected that I hadn’t planted all I had, and sure enough, when I was tidying up I found a bag of daffodils and something nameless (but blue apparently) that I had overlooked. I planted them hastily in near darkness by the feijoa and mandarins. Oh, and I planted another half-dozen shallots yesterday but forgot when I was writing up.

Tidying: some of the mess in the garden and on the deck.

Edging: the garden along the back fence. There are weeds coming through as it’s a bit of a wild area on the other side, so I’m trying to create an edge that will be easy to keep under control.

Sprouting: asparagus, shallots and garlic. One Jersey Benne potato is too big to rebury anymore, no sign of the rest.

I’m so happy about the progress I’ve made. I’ve got less than 10 metres of garden against the fence that I still need to construct. It’s been a marathon effort.


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