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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

A day better spent inside July 25, 2009

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Despite the sun, today was horribly cold. There was a freezing northerly wind and my garden was not a very pleasant place to be. Of course, I was gardening most of the day anyway, but I think I would have enjoyed the day more if I had windows and walls between me and the weather.

Planting: dwarf nectarine (Garden Delight), in the middle of my herb garden. Apple Polka, in front of one of the ugly concrete posts. I had some really nice apples I bought at the market earlier this year, so I went back and asked the stallholder what the variety was. I was really surprised to find that it was the columnar apple Polka. Also planting more spring bulbs, Centaurea montana and Geranium phaeum around the two apple trees. None of them are edible, but they are nicer things to have around apple trees than either grass or bare soil.

Staking: my apple trees.

Mulching: my apple trees in a weird mix of alpaca fibre, cocoa husks, stones and coffee grounds. It all makes sense really.

Extending: the garden against the south fence (mostly so I could plant my apple in it).

Weeding: the area around the catnip cage.

Tidying: the very weedy bank in the corner of the garden. I’m not quite sure what to do with it, as the drop is a bit too much for me to terrace using the plastic edging. I’ve tried pinning one of the old cocoa husk sacks to it, and I may plant it in something that can creep over the bank. Strawberries might be possible, although it isn’t the sunniest area in summer.

Waiting: I’m not sure I will be able to start the pear espaliers this year, all the ones for sale seem to be too big. I may end up growing lots of peas and beans there in the meantime.

This is what it looked like today. Fortunately the camera doesn’t convey the temperature. It actually looks rather warm, although my still-frozen feet beg to differ.


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