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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

What on earth was that? July 18, 2009

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I woke at 2am to the soung of strong winds and flying newspapers. I was expecting rain and so didn’t water down the mulch. Instead of rain I got unexpected strong winds. I still don’t know whether they were northerly or southerly – if they were southerly they must have been really strong since my garden is pretty sheltered from the south.

The cardboard from the heat pump box – a huge piece 1 m wide and about 4 m long – had been blown off the garden and was against the fence. There was a lot of newspaper around my garden and probably half the neighbourhood.

Still, the predicted horrible weekend was actually sunny and if you got a sheltered spot, the sun felt quite warm today.

Learning: ignore the weather forecast. Even if rain is predicted, water down the mulch.

Mulching: more pea straw over the newspaper and cardboard.

Watering: I don’t plan on making the same mistake twice.

Eating: celery, silverbeet, various herbs.

Planting: raspberries (Autumn Bliss and Qualicon). Spring bulbs under the raspberries and other soft fruit – obviously it is a little late, but these were reduced to clear (75% off) and the condition looked ok. A pink-flowered strawberry in the herb garden. Possibly the wrong place but I have several plants now.

Weeding: wall pellitory and veldt grass from around the matipo stump.

Transplanting: feral parsley. It’s so big and rampant that I thought I’d plant some around the matipo stump, in the possibly vain hope that it smothers the weeds.

Noticing: the the NZ spinach I planted in the autumn is doing ok. I hope that it might reach weed-smothering dimensions at some stage, but it has some way to go.

Progressing: I think that the end is in sight for the hard construction and digging work.

Aching: again


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