Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Sunny Saturday July 17, 2009

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Disbelieving: the forecast was pretty bad, and I haven’t seen a fine Saturday since June the 5th. So I didn’t expect to get such a lovely afternoon. It was almost warm.

Eating: silverbeet, white alpine strawberries (amazingly I found a couple of ripe fruit on my plants), chickweed, lettuce, miner’s lettuce, land cress, various herbs.

Checking: my food more carefully after I ate a snail. Only a small one. Well it got as far as my mouth and I noticed and spat it out. Still, remember to check food.

Pruning: my vicarious rose. The neighbours have a lovely Francois Juranville that climbs over the fence, and I get to enjoy it without any effort. But I did have to cut back a few bits that were limiting access to my compost bin.

Finishing: I’ve dug as much of the buttercup and couch grass as I could out of the vegetable garden. I feel rather relieved that effort is over. About 7 hours worth of digging I think.

Spreading: sheep manure pellets, blood and bone, and coffee grounds.

Covering: the lot with newspaper and the very large cardboard box that my heat exchanger unit came in, then spreading cocoa husks and pea straw, although it was such a big area that I’ve run out of mulch and need to get some more.

Moving: my redcurrant. I had it in the wrong spot – I kept bumping into it. Now it is in the main berry garden with the rest.

Replacing: the recurrant with my original white alpine strawberry. I’ve now got about 8 of them in the garden, but this was the first tiny one I planted two and a half years ago.

Planting: oregano, marjoram, sage and a couple more of the white alpine strawberries, these strategically placed near spots that I will sit when I’m working in the summer.

Remembering: that in the summer I do sit and enjoy my garden, and not just dig and work and exhaust myself in all sorts of weathers. I love gardening, and I’m really enjoying the obvious progress that I’m making, but this is hard work right now. Still, I think I’m getting quite fit.


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