Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

It’s hardly worth mentioning… July 11, 2009

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Another gale-force southerly. I sound like a stuck record when I’m describing the weather.

Digging: a hole among the tree roots. I think I’m going to be able to get Albany Surprise in that space after all.

Weeding: buttercup, veldt grass and mint from the same area.

Digging some more: a hole where I’m planning to plant “Initial”.

Planting: the last blueberry, “Petite Blue”. It’s a bit cramped in my blueberry patch but hopefully they’ll do ok.

Putting away: the cucumber seed I was drying last week. It looks good and I have quite a few seeds, so hopefully there’ll be cucumber seed to share.

Acquiring: another 20 litres of lovely coffee grounds/ blackbird repellant.

Spotting: bare-rooted dwarf “Doyenne du Comice” at a local garden centre – apparently it grows to 3 metres. I’d love to know what rootstock it’s on but *rant alert* ask that and you just get blank looks. It’s basically the same at every Wellington garden centre. Rootstocks matter. They are the difference between a shrub and a monster with ambitions for world domination or a tree that you swing from or a tree that nearly falls over when a particularly fat tui lands in it. Why do people act like I’m asking for its entire DNA sequence?

Measuring: I’ve had an offer from a friend who knows both about gardens and graphics (you know who you are) to draw up a plan, so I’ve taken a few measurements.

Freezing: there won’t have been many people gardening in Wellington today. It wasn’t the gardening that was so bad, but standing around measuring. I’ve warmed up with the pumpkin, barley and bacon soup that was cooking on the stove while I gardened.

It was an easy soup, and tastes good, so here it is.

Gently fry one chopped onion, a couple of cloves of smoked garlic and some bacon pieces (soup bacon pieces from the market).

Once the onion is soft, add two litres of water, half a cup of pearl barley and half a medium-sized pumpkin (peeled and chopped). Bring to the boil with the lid on, turn down to low and cook for a couple of hours. Squash the pumpkin pieces a bit, but no need to blend it. Cook about 15 minutes with the lid off to evaporate a little bit of water. Eat until you feel warm again.


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