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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Why dogs and gardens don’t mix June 26, 2009

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Cursing: dogs, and dog owners who let their dogs roam on my property. I’ve been noticing some serious digging going on in my garden lately. I blamed my cat, who can be very persistent when he wants to be, but I was suprised by the amount of damage done to one of my mulched but unplanted beds last week. Today, there was a lot more digging, clearly beyond the ability of even the most deranged cat. The dead giveaway was the surprise left on my path. It was unburied and most definitely not cat sized.

Apologising: sorry Faust. It wasn’t you that dug up the garden. It was still you that squashed the poor little strawberry plant by sitting on top of it though, because I caught you doing it.

Burying: dog poo. I’m not impressed.

Reburying: newspaper and cardboard mulch

Replanting: some of my onions

Uncovering: the stepping stones through the vegetable garden, and some broccoli and spinach seedlings. I’m not sure if the spinach will survive.

Digging: more digging, this time removing the lawn layer where my blueberry bed will be. More giant earthworms, more clothes pegs. I’ve dug the holes for the blueberries, but I haven’t planted them yet, because I want to use some coffee grounds and I don’t get my next bucketful until tomorrow.

Sprinkling: aluminium sulphate, to acidify the soil for the blueberries.

Shopping: I found a Silverhill mandarin today. I’ve been looking for one – they are reported to be good in cooler climates. I also bought a couple of feijoas. One is “Unique”, the self-fertile variety that can fruit when it is reasonably small. The other is “Gemini”, also a smaller growing one which apparently has a strong flavour and lots of fruit. I’m thinking of getting one more – since I’ve got two fairly early varieties I’ll go for a later one, maybe “Wiki Tu” which has big fruit but a smaller plant.

Hoping: for a dog-free and fine day tomorrow so I can get my blueberries planted. And maybe make a start on the rather jungly corner where I plan to plant the feijoas and mandarin.


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