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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

It’s sunny on the weekdays… June 24, 2009

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…but once again they are predicting rain for the weekend. So I took leave yesterday and enjoyed some sun.

Observing: the pattern of sun on my garden. I haven’t been home on a fine morning in months, so I did some midwinter observations.

The sun gets onto the back part of my garden, farthest from the house, at about 9.15. By 9.35 nearly half is in sun. By 10am about 3/4 is in sun. The reamining 1/4 isn’t in full sun until about 11 or 11.30. Unfortunately, there was a bit of cloud later so I didn’t get an observation of when and how I lose the sun, but I think I lose it between 3.45 and 4pm. Not bad for a Wellington property in winter.

Careful site observation is one of the things I learned from permaculture. It is just common sense really, but since when has common sense been common?

Eating: garlic, celery, parsley

Tidying: the mess on my deck. It looks a lot better now.

Tipping out: the old potted tomatoes and potting mix. I often save potting mix, adding compost and slow-release fertilizer, then reusing it. It seems to work fine, but the tomatoes were in potting mix that was on its third time around, and now I have the garden more set up, I don’t plan to do tubs of spring bulbs or lots of tomatoes on the deck next summer. So I won’t use quite so much potting mix.

Disturbing: a fairly large weta who had made her home under one of my pots. She looked like she was having a bad day, but seemed none the worse for it. She waved her legs around for a few minutes trying to be scary then quietly crept off into the parsley jungle.

Waiting: to see just how bad the weekend weather is, and whether there is any chance of getting any gardening done.


2 Responses to “It’s sunny on the weekdays…”

  1. riroriro Says:

    What about bok choy ‘Bess? H planted ours in late autumn…(his garden records seem to get more lax as the days get shorter!)…we are still harvesting it altho’ I suspect it will bolt very soon. I’m guessing you might get away with a slightly later planting than us as you get more sun, so you’d still be harvesting a bit longer than us.

  2. belladonnabess Says:

    Hadn’t thought of that but it’s worth a go. I’ve got a spot that should be ready for planting and gets 5-6 hours of sun a day at the moment, providing there is sun of course.

    I don’t think it would be worth starting seeds now, but I think there may still be seedlings available. I’m a bit more keen on buying seedlings since I’ve discovered the ones that come wrapped in newspaper – I have enough plastic punnets to last me a decade!

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