Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Hard work June 20, 2009

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Preparing: a permanent home for my asparagus

Unearthing: strange artifacts left by previous residents, mainly clothes pegs

Digging: I don’t like digging much. It is hard work and bad for the giant earthworms I keep digging, and sometimes accidentally cutting, up, so I normally try and use no-dig methods. In this case, I really needed to scrape off the layer of weedy lawn, because it would take a huge depth of sheet mulch to bury the weeds growing there. Then I dug down into the rather compacted soil in order to bury all the sheep pellets, blood and bone, and coffee grounds I was putting in to feed the asparagus.

Harvesting: compost. I used a couple of buckets of compost from my bin (good but a bit weedy) and a couple of buckets of worm casts from the bottom of my worm bin for the asparagus bed. Guess what – worms don’t eat avocado skins. But they crushed down ok.

Planting: I dug the asparagus out of the potting bag where it has spend the last 8 months and planted it. I added the old soil on top and then covered the patch with newspaper and cocoa husks. Hopefully the asparagus will be ok at getting through the newspaper, it will be very soft by the time it comes to sprout.

Flowering: some of my lovely little Oxalis species.  They are all in pots as most oxalis are too small to compete with the weeds and have delicate bulbs that are easily lost. A small minority of the genus are invasive, but most of them are wonderful bulbs that flower cheerfully in midwinter when most of the garden is quite dull. Ok, they aren’t edible, but they earn their place by making me smile.

Aching: hard work today, heaving digging and lifting piles of soil. And there is a lot more hard work to go…


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