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An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Oops… June 13, 2009

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Buying: lots. Blueberries (4 plants, 2 southern highbush that should pollinate eachother and 2 that I’m not sure about but they seem to be two different varieties of the same species so they should pollinate eachother too). Raspberry, whitecurrant, lemongrass, strawberries.

My favourite garden centre had a sale today. I dropped by to see if their fruit trees arrived, not really intending to buy, but I couldn’t help it when I discovered things that I wanted on special.

Planting: strawberries (Chandler), potatoes (Jersey Benne), whitecurrant, raspberry (Ebony), spring bulbs.

I’ve grown Chandler strawberries here before, they seem to do well and taste good. They are meant to be more tolerant of wet than other varieties, so that’s why I picked them. The potatoes were not something that I intended to plant just now, but I discovered a few of them sprouting in the bottom of the cupboard. Ideally I would have planted them a bit later, but I’ll see how they do.

Spring bulbs are a bit late, I had a few left that I hadn’t got around to planting earlier. I’ve planted them around my berryfruit.

Scrounging: coffee by products. I got a sackful of coffee chaff to put in my compost, and I’ve asked someone at a cafe that I often visit to save coffee grounds for me. This time next week, I should have a bucketful of coffee grounds. I konw that they are good in compost, but I have also read that they repel slugs and snails. Worth a try anyway.

Listening: to the tui singing in my neighbour’s pear tree.

Preparing: the area where I plan to grow my tomatoes next year. I’ve buried green manure (mustard, lupin), blood and bone, and sheep pellets under a layer of mulch.

Mulching: old newspaper, cardboard, cocoa husks and the sack that the cocoa husks came in.

Hoping: that I get a bit of rain before the next strong wind, otherwise all my mulch will blow away.

Also hoping: to actually see the sun.


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