Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Fog June 12, 2009

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It’s been a week without wind. Unfortunately the wind died away with a big grey cloud over Wellington, so with no wind to blow it away, it has been damp, still and dull all week. I spent a couple of hours gardening in the drizzle, before giving up when the rain became too heavy.

Eating: lettuce, rocket, some sort of cress and chickweed. All self-sown. Not in large quantitities, but enough for a snack as I wander around the garden. Celery, silverbeet and broccoli, also stored garlic.

Worrying: The harvested garlic seems to have some sort of black mites on the bulbs. Not sure what they are – the obvious would be “garlic bulb mites” but these are apparently cream-coloured and mine are shiny black.

Planting: garlic, shallots, spinach, beetroot, celery, broccoli. Garlic and shallots I bought as bulbs, the rest are tiny seedlings that I grew from seed. I’m not sure how they will do at this time of year, but worth a try.

Buying: cabbage. I’m officially back to buying vegetables. I’m not going to have enough to keep me going for the next few months I think. I do still have several meals of broccoli in the freezer, but my celery is fairly small and my silverbeet is also limited. Possibly because it got buried by the tomato plants for most of the summer.

Mulching: cocoa husks. Yummy! My garden smells of chocolate.

Pulling out: old broccoli plants. Still got a few plants producing sprouts, but most of it has finished.

Considering: where can I scrounge some manure to bury under my asparagus bed?

Planning: I’ve kept myself supplied with vegetables, with some to give away, from January to mid-June. What do I need to do next year so that I’ll have more food in winter and spring?

I’m also starting to think about planting locations for next spring and summer, since I’m now putting in crops that will be in the ground 6 months or more. I have quite a large area assigned to the vegetable garden that is currently just weeds and green manure. I probably need to put the paths (just a few small paving slabs) through before I start doing anything else.

Fruit trees are starting to appear in the shops. I also want to put in more berry fruit. I need to create a blueberry area, I won’t put them with other things because I need to acidify the soil for them a little. There are a couple of places where they could go. There are feijoas in the shops right now and I have an area where I want to plant them, but it is a mess. And I still have my two unplanted grapevines.

I think that I have rather a lot of work to do over the next three months. No chance of getting the hazelnuts in this year though. I still have to build a fence and fix the edging on a deck before I can plant anything in the space I have allocated for them.


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