Belladonna Bess

An edible garden in Wellington, NZ

Frost! June 5, 2009

Filed under: Garden — belladonnabess @ 5:22 pm

Thursday morning was the hardest frost I have ever seen here, nothing like it over the previous two winters. The frost heralded three magnificently fine days, with one of them a Saturday, so I’ve actually done some gardening.

Eating: stored garlic

Harvesting: broccoli, silverbeet, celery (no change there)

Buying: pumpkin (I tried, but the seed I had had poor germination and didn’t ever do much)

Mulching: pea straw

Building: a low terrace from the main flat area of my garden to the slightly higher area

Salvaging: the bean seeds that I was hoping would get properly dried before the bad weather hit. They didn’t, but hopefully I’ve still got a few that will be ok.

Planting: onions (Pukekohe long keeper), strawberries (pajaro and white alpine)

I bought onion sets, something I’ve never grown before. I’ve grown red onions from seed, with limited success. I eat onions a lot and keep needing to buy them, so I thought I would have a go growing them.  The garden centre suggested that if planted now, I would harvest them around Christmas.

I also planted strawberry crowns (bought) and small plants of white alpine strawberry that I grew from seed from a plant that I bought. Most strawberries aren’t worth growing from seed, but white alpine doesn’t produce runners and I think that seed is the only way of propagating it.


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